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    Addiction Recovery -Outpatient

    What is Outpatient Treatment?

    Outpatient treatment is a form of therapy that helps people overcome addiction by allowing them to maintain a normal lifestyle. This means eating and sleeping at home and going to a facility for treatment sessions.

    Outpatient treatment is one of two primary drug or alcohol programs used to treat addiction, the other being inpatient (hospital or residential facility).  Outpatient treatments are used to treat mild to moderate forms of addiction. If a more intense level of care is indicated we will refer to an inpatient treatment program.

    The goal of these services is to provide people with the skills to live their lives without drug or alcohol addiction.

    Outpatient treatment is a good choice if you struggle with less severe addictions. People with less severe addictions don’t need 24/7 intervention. It also works best if you have a safe and secure home life.

    Outpatient treatment is flexible because you don’t need to move into the facility full-time.You can continue going to school, work, and other social obligations while in therapy.

    Deciding if an outpatient program is right for you depends on factors such as:

    • The level of substance abuse
    • Need for care or supervision
    • Financial situation

    You might benefit from inpatient treatment if outpatient treatment isn’t for you.

    NWA Premier Therapy offers. comprehensive, evidence-based outpatient addiction program with one-on-one sessions between the counselor and the client. The program includes a personal evaluation, individual counseling, family counseling, and a structured aftercare program. Special attention is given to repairing damaged family relationships and addressing personal issues of anxiety or depression.

    We’ve worked with some of the nation’s premier inpatient addiction facilities to ensure that our clients in Northwest Arkansas can transition successfully back into life and work after seeking addiction treatment. This program includes individual and family

    Individual & Family Counseling 
    Individual or family sessions are available on an as-needed basis to help individuals sever their relationship with alcohol and drugs. Educational counseling is appropriate for adolescents and adults whose problematic use of drugs or alcohol has caused significant family disruption, but they may not recognize the problem, see a need for change, or believe there’s a reason for addiction counseling.


    Addiction is an illness that has nothing to do with an individual’s character or values, anyone can be prone to an addiction. Someone with an addiction needs treatment and support to help them recover. Our addiction counseling treatment can work for you with effort on your part. We encourage our clients and their families to put aside blame and shame for an honest commitment to getting better, feeling better, and living better.

    At NWA Premier Therapy we have trained therapists and technicians to provide a variety of interventions to increase your brains flexibility. The ongoing changing nature of our brain is called neuroplasticity. Highly researched, clinical studies show neurofeedback is evidence-based and a safe, non-invasive method to achieve positive outcomes. Neurofeedback looks for the cause, such as what specific pathways are dysregulated, as well as over or under activated. Once this type of assessment locates the cause of the symptom, then a protocal can be chosen based on what is specifically suited for your needs and neurological issues.