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    Greg Tancibok, MS, LPC

    We as people go through many challenges in our lives.  Sometimes we find ourselves struggling day to day, having to somehow meet all our ever-growing responsibilities. Some of us struggle with the pain we carry from our pasts, and it can feel as if this hurt is holding us back from finding joy in our present days. Some of us struggle with feelings we may not even understand.  We can feel burdened by these intense feelings and may not know how to move forward from these emotional and mental binds.  Sometimes the truth of what has been, and what is real, can be very difficult to face alone.  Acknowledging that we feel these struggles is an important first step in making the decision that we want to take control over the way we feel, how we think, and the changes that we want to make for ourselves.  Whether you’re struggling with trauma from your past, depression, anxiety, grieving over the loss of a loved one, loneliness, stress at work, worries about the future, or have a child struggling in an area of their lives where children often do, there is great value in allowing someone to help carry some of that burden.   The reality is mental health counselors do not have all of the answers.

    Mental health counselors can not fix every problem that life throws at us, and they can not offer magic sentences that will shield us from ever having to face a difficult time again.   But what mental health counselors can do is help us understand where we have been, how these experiences have impacted us in different ways, and assist us in identifying how to move forward in the directions that we want to go.  It is a process, and it is one that can take time, and will take effort.  This is why the relationship you form with your counselor must be one of trust, comfort, and willingness to face hard struggles together.

    As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), I believe in the concept that people can not start from where they want to be, but have to begin their journey from where they are.  While attending John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR, I received a Master’s in Counseling, along with trainings emphasizing Play Therapy and Sand Tray.  In my career as a counselor, I have received additional training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy working in both outpatient and inpatient levels of care for clients struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, anger, trauma, sexual abuse, suicidal ideation, personal identify, and sexually maladaptive behaviors.  I would like the opportunity to assist you in your journey, because I believe if you are reading this, then likely some part of you does recognize that you are ready for help in working through a difficulty or challenge you’re facing.  The worst time to begin what you know to be important, whether it be a promise to be more present for your loved ones, starting a healthier lifestyle, giving up a harmful substance or habit, getting more sleep, calling that family member you lost touch with, or beginning that diet, is “tomorrow”.  So if you are struggling, or just need someone to hear you, don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  Call today to schedule a consolation so we can work together to help you start your journey towards a more peaceful mind.

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