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    Tyler Atkinson, MS, LCSW

    I have helped hundreds of individuals and families navigate coping with serious health illnesses, grief from the loss of loved ones, and other major life transitions. I practice working with compulsive disruptive behavior and general mental health disorders. Using a CBT  (cognitive behavioral) approach while bringing in narrative and solution focused therapeutic models I assist clients to navigate the challenges and obstacles of life. I also use Neurofeedback to treat trauma, depression, OCD and anxiety.

    I work to treat the whole of each of my clients meaning that I help clients develop their mind, body, and spirit. Environments, relationships, family, and community are just as important as the individual person when it comes to lasting sustainable change.  I tailor counseling plans, dialogs, and goals to meet individual needs and backgrounds. Treating each person with respect, sensitivity, and compassion is in the forefront of my practice. 

    I started practicing counseling while in Flagstaff, AZ where I worked in a hospital, private counseling, and an addiction recovery clinic specializing in opioid abuse.  I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and hold a Masters in Social Work. Most recently has I come from working as a hospice social worker in the central Texas area. I received a bachelors from Northern Arizona University and Masters from Arizona State University.


    I love being outside camping, swimming, and hiking. I also love to sit inside and read just about anything.

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