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    I had a great experience at NWA Premier Therapy. Everyone is super nice, super helpful and very professional. You won’t be disappointed. Neurofeedback changed how I live and feel everyday. I m calmer and more able to think about what I am responding to.


    I had a lot of trauma in my childhood and felt out of control. Neurofeedback changed my ability to relax and calm myself down. I feel so much more in control of my body and able to manage my emotions.


    I highly recommend NWA Premier Therapy. I am incredibly grateful for the help I have received in growing personally and in navigating through some hard things. One of the very best investments I’ve made for myself!


    Rachel is one of the most genuine people I've come across in the field. There was never a point where treatment became stale, or where I felt my best interests weren't always at the forefront. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone, and I truly feel equipped to handle anything that comes my way thanks to her assistance.


    I've only known Ganiece a short time but she has already provided many helpful recommendations. She has made my experience of getting back into therapy a pleasant and comfortable process!


    Torie is one of the most empathic and astute people I know, perfectly suited to support her patients through a variety of issues. I highly recommend her as an excellent therapist to families and individuals alike.


    Torie and the NWA Therapy Team have been an integral part of my children's healing through intense trauma. They saw her regularly for Neurofeedback therapy (a few months) and counseling (about a year) and are both on a happier, healthier path now. I am very grateful!


    I have worked with Terry for some time now and I have to say I could not be more pleased. With his deep understanding of Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I have not only been able to attain a much deeper understanding of myself and the people I care most about, I have also been able to begin to find a way to becoming the person I feel I truly am. The experience has been very rewarding!


    I heard something on tv that summarizes the way I fill about NWA Premier Therapy and especially Allie as a therapist. I landed in a soft and safe place. She listened to me and she helped me think differently if I was on the wrong track but never said that I was all wrong. She let me cry, get mad and then we talked things through. My family and I are very thankful for her help!


    I highly recommend Lisa. She has a very direct yet conversational approach that makes you feel safe. She has a great depth of knowledge in her field. She has certainly helped me better understand myself.


    If you’re looking to make lasting improvements to your life, look no farther than NWA Premier Therapy. Heidi is a true God send and a constant blessing in my road to healing and trusting that I am more then capable of creating a life I can truly thrive in. It can be hard to be vulnerable and open old wounds, but you can trust that Torie will gently bring you to a safe place where you can find answers and peace about any and all of the many hardships we face. Mental health is just as important as your physical health and you won’t find a better therapist to help you on your journey.


    I highly recommend Genie. She has a very direct yet conversational approach that makes you feel safe. She has a great depth of knowledge in her field. She has certainly helped me better understand myself.


    Terry has become an extremely influential person in my life! He’s guided me through challenging times with a great mix of resources that were appropriate for me. I consider my time with him a critical part of my proactive mental health regiment.


    I've been to many therapists and Torie has been the most helpful. I've felt safe, supportive and inspired by the overall feeling of the office and from Torie. Because of the great support and the learning, I've gone through about myself, my entire life has changed for the good. I understand why and who I am. I have learned to navigate through situations and life smoothly and with a calmness I've never had. They are supportive of all types of people and believes, working within the structures that are comfortable to me. I'm so lucky to have found NWA Premier Therapy, so lucky!


    I have been free from my anxiety for 3 years. I am so thankful for Torie’s belief in me and her help gaining confidence in myself.


    I have been seeing Terry for a few years now. Terry is a great therapist. For someone who is not comfortable talking about herself, he makes it very easy. I've had problems with substance abuse which has made me embarrassed and hard on myself. Not once has he made me feel ashamed, but has encouraged me that I could overcome it. He has taught me many different ways to alleviate my problem with anxiety and ways to cope. I would highly recommend Terry Richardson and NWA Premier Therapy.


    Heidi is the best. She listen, does not judge you, truly cares about you. When I started going to her 7 month a go was not a fan about going since then she has helped me so much to not hold things inside and how to confront the problem and deal with them.


    I was new to therapy and Rachel made the experience so enjoyable. She was super easy to talk to and helped me with processing my thoughts. Ganeice's so genuine and great in her profession. I would recommend her to anyone!!


    I had Lisa at premier therapy and I am a big fan. The company is very good and Lisa was such a good therapist. I have many issues and she is very understanding and never presses too hard. She is sl easy to talk to. I have a fiend who sees another therapist there and she is so happy with her therapist. They have helped with so many issues


    Ganiece has a very warm approach to understanding my feelings. When I started coming to her I was so overwhelmed and anxious. You have giving me skills that I continue to use and pass down to my kids. From seeing you from once a week to periodically gives me a peace of mind.


    I feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful place to receive therapy. I would recommend them to anyone that needs to talk to someone. This time last year I was in terrible place with my mental health and working together with Tori I was able to get to a much better place.


    I saw Lisa for over 6 months, and she changed my quality of life for the better. I don't know where I'd be without her. She was compassionate and understanding. She has several techniques to help you understand and deal with your trauma. I would recommend her 100%.


    Torie is amazing! His gentleness, patience and kindness are unparalleled - she meets you where you are (wherever that may be) and customizes her approach to fit you. I saw him for about 3 years and my anxiety is all but gone while my confidence and belief in myself have skyrocketed. Torie has provided me the guidance and tools to unlock the magic within myself and share that with those around me. The difference that Torie has made in my life is simply remarkable. Thank you Torie for reminding me that everyone wants to sit in the sparkle seats!


    When I moved to Arkansas from out of state, I struggled to find a therapist I connected with. After trying three others I found Torie and felt instantly comfortable. She is open minded and easy to talk to. I came into therapy from a dark and lonely place, and Torie helped give me the courage to turn things around and make positive changes in my life. Very grateful I found Torie at NWA Premier Therapy!